Saturday, November 19, 2005

What I need....

OK - so I saw this on Julie's blog and thought it looked fun. So I tried it. You google your name followed by the word "needs" and post the ten funniest things that come up. Didn't know which ten to choose, so ya got 13. :)

1. Karen Needs to Grow Up!
2. Karen needs money to buy the roller skates she desperately wants.
3. Karen Needs a New Blog.
4. Karen needs to be an efficient student.
5. Karen needs a rest.
6. Karen needs a new haircut to make her look glamorous.
7. Karen needs a truly portable, battery-powered, off-camera light.
8. Karen needs to lighten up.
9. Karen needs to make her day bright.
10. Karen needs to swallow her pride.
11. Karen needs to keep her mind busy in order to feel challenged.
12. Karen needs to learn the basics of spending and budgeting.
13. Karen needs a lobotomy.

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