Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Um, Mom.....about the car.....

Well, apparently my 19 year old decided we needed a new car yesterday. What other reason could she have had for turning in front of a speeding Honda Civic? He hit her so hard she spun off the road and into the ditch... Neither she, nor the other driver were hurt seriously - thank God!
She was however very (understandably) upset. A very kind man called me and stayed with her until he knew I was on my way. He told me she was ok - just couldn't stop crying. The driver of the other car was very kind too - gave her his sweatshirt to sit on to keep her off the wet ground. She is very bruised, and very sore. The airbag did a number on her chin. I'm sure that was better than the alternative.... I took my friend Dana with me to get her, cuz she (Kelsey) was a half hour away and I was shaking. Her calmness kept me focused as I drove to Downers Grove. Her eyes found the accident before I saw it. Dana's a perfect friend to take to the scene of an accident - she used to be an EMT. So even tho no one on the scene called an ambulance Kelsey got a pretty good going over by Dana. So, looks like this weekend we need to find a replacement car for Kim (it was his car) - not that I'm looking forward to two car payments, but such is life. Cars are things and can be replaced, unlike lives. I am so thankful God was watching out for Kelsey!


anne said...

Karen, I'm so, so glad that Kelsey is all right! And I'm so glad that you had your friend Dana to go with you to accident. Life must seem even more precious to you today after your daughter's brush with potential tragedy. You're right - cars are just things, and how priceless and precious our children are. Pretty amazing to think that God feels that way about us, isn't it?

Mike Clawson said...

Hey Karen,

I'm thankful that no one was hurt. I'll be praying for your car situation. Hopefully you'll find a quality vehicle quickly. Are you going to get new or used? You should check CarMax, it's a very convenient, low-pressure place.

Let us know if there's anything we can do to help.

Oh, and will this hamper your ability to get to our party on Saturday? I hope not.


Christine said...

Wow, I get chills hearing about your daughter's wreck! Praise God, everyone was ok!