Monday, May 05, 2008

Something to keep you occupied til I'm better...

Carissa has declared an art minor - she has applied and been accepted in the Art program at Gordon.
So....what is she up to?
Just a couple examples of sketches she has done recently- these are all sketches and practice pieces:

Quick Sketch of Me by ~ivyrose on deviantART

pancakes by ~ivyrose on deviantART

Lovers on the Beach by ~ivyrose on deviantART

Self Portrait by ~ivyrose on deviantART

and these are older. If you are interested you can find more here - a work in progress.... Unfortunately most of her portfolio pieces are not on line.

Joe by ~ivyrose on deviantART

Mod Bond Girl Costume Design by ~ivyrose on deviantART

iPod Attack by ~ivyrose on deviantART

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