Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A dogs life

So, the puppy has hypothyroidism. Not as bad as it could have been, initially they thought he might be diabetic too. But those numbers are ok on the second test. As for the hypothyroidism - it made him whiny, fearful (excessively), unable to track well because it effected his scenting ability. It made him sleepy. And a tiny bit over weight. It also gave him terribly dry skin, and a dull coat, which was the thing that took us to the vet with him in the first place. That's why they did the blood work. I guess he tested at 1 a month ago and it should be 5. Yesterday he tested at 8. So now we have swung the other way and have to back off the meds a little. But I like the weight loss, the lower anxiety level, the fact that he plays again, that kind of thing. I don't like that he has taken to carrying slippers and underwear all over the house again.....
I really don't mind the meds - he takes them easily and they are dirt cheap. But until he's regulated he has to have blood work at $58 a pop. That is not fun. Or insured.
And now they have decided he has a kind of seborrheic dermatitis (so does Kim....LOL) and has to be bathed weekly with a special shampoo..... I'm glad Carissa will be home tomorrow. ;)

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