Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The search for true love begins outside the box

OK - I'm being lazy again. I apologize. But I saw a WONDERFUL movie a couple weeks ago and intended to blog about it - then I got sick and all those good intentions went out the window. So, now I'm ready to blog - and here I find a most excellent post by Kathy over at The Carnival in My Head about this very thing.
Now, you all know my brain is currently full of cotton candy, and on top of that, today I got my shots for Haiti and I just wanna do nothing. OK - while that's all true, in reality I'm just lazy. And she said it so much better than I could. Plus she'll get a boost from this link on her technorati! ;) OK - enough rationalization. Sorry. Just go read her post on my new favorite movie - Lars and the Real Girl.
Then, go rent the movie!

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