Monday, April 28, 2008

Your help is needed!

You've probably seen the headlines about record food prices, which have led to deadly violence and panic across the globe.

The U.N. Secretary-General said last week that the situation has "become a global crisis," and the World Food Programme is warning of a "silent tsunami" of hunger. Even here in the U.S., grocery stores are starting to ration sales of rice.


You can help by Telling Congress to fix our food policy......

Why should you take the time to let congress know how you feel? Because....

....Sadly, this desperate situation is being worsened by our own government's policies. While we spend billions of dollars on food for the hungry overseas, Congress requires that all of it be purchased from farmers in the U.S. and shipped halfway around the world — wasting money and delaying the food's arrival.

As Congress finalizes the Farm Bill, tell them to fix this misguided policy and help feed more hungry people.

From Sojourners

It seems so obvious: When buying food for hungry people overseas, buy from farmers nearby - it's simpler, cheaper, and better for the local economy and environment.....

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