Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rosie the Recycler

Well - we finally got a bunch of our lightbulbs swapped out over the past week. Finally.
That somehow seems appropriate considering it was Earth Day yesterday.
Anyhow, my family room, kitchen and bedroom are now doing their part. :)
If you haven't already done it, give it a shot.....

You can learn about the benefits of CFL's here.

And here are some statistics worth thinking about....

According to the federal Energy Star program:
"If every household in the
U.S. replaced one (standard incandescent) light
bulb with an Energy
Star-qualified compact fluorescent light bulb, it would
prevent enough
pollution to equal removing one million cars from the

And in
case you weren't listening closely, there is this:
"If every
home exchanged the five most frequently used bulbs with Energy
Star-qualified bulbs, one trillion pounds of greenhouse gases would be kept
of the air over the course of the bulbs' lives (a lifetime range of five
to as
many as eight years or so). That's equivalent to the annual emissions
of 8
million cars, the annual output of more than 20 power plants, and $6
billion in
energy savings."

Happy Swapping!


Charlotte Wyncoop said...

Just don't forget - when they do go out don't put them in the regular trash!

gerbmom said...

Yes, and I should have put that in the post shouldn't I have?!
Thanks for the reminder....