Thursday, April 17, 2008

Confidence, misplaced trust and being comfortable will get you no where.....

First of all, HOW DUMB IS OZZIE? Unbelievable. Why wouldn't you fight for immunity even if you have the immunity idol? First dumb mistake. Secondly, why would you assume that your tribe mates are all gonna do what they tell you they're gonna do? Play the darn idol!! Ozzie, I think you are DUMBER than James.

And speaking of DUMB.... the whole tribe is dumb. How can they NOT see that Cirie is the puppet master? She has been calling the shots since early on. I REALLY, REALLY don't like that woman, and I can't understand how her tribe mates can't see her for what she is. They have missed a couple opportunities to vote this manipulator out, and they had better wake up very soon, OR it will be TOO LATE!!

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ness said...

it's soooooo true. I was rooting for him from the beginning because he's a freaking amazing competitor, but he just got too comfy and pride goes before a fall!