Monday, May 21, 2007

Into the Woods......we went !

Wow, it's been a busy week. Lots of stuff going on. The big thing this week was the musical. Into the Woods - the final high school performance of my daughter's life. She was very sad.....
I could not believe how incredibly difficult this musical was to perform. But this cast rose to the challenge. For a synopsis and great insights about the play, visit Mike's blog. Thanks Mike - saved me a ton of time, and you did a much better and insightful job than I ever could!

All I know is, life isn't happily ever after all the time. And this play shows the consequences of one choice. Kind of a "butterfly effect." It's a thinking persons play. I saw it two nights, and I'm sure I still missed a lot. Fortunately I have the DVD, and Carissa's script, so I can fill in the gaps.

Anyway - here are some pictures - a little grainy - it's hard to get good pix in a dark theater, and also of cast members high on adrenaline! Enjoy.

Carissa's famous cow - designed, drawn and painted by her,
cut and put together by Mr. Fantozi.

never one to hold back in real life either, Carissa is telling off the giant.....


Jack and his mother....Billy and Carissa

Paige (the baker's wife) and Carissa

Brad (Rapunzel's prince) and Carissa

Carissa (Jacks' Mother) and Billy (Jack)

Carissa's poster - (this is also the program and t-shirt design)

The seniors

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Kelly said...

Oh how fun! That looks like a fantastic production of one of my favorite plays EVER. I remember seeing it eons ago on PBS (the public television station in Oregon). I loved it so much, so it's nice to see it's living on.

I'll bet you're so proud, Karedy. xo