Sunday, May 13, 2007

One thousand one, one thousand two

I can’t sleep. Something a friend said has pried some stuff loose in my brain, and it is swirling and taunting me – just out of reach. I am so tired. I really need to sleep. But the thoughts just won’t stop. I know I can’t resolve it tonight – but apparently my brain is determined. I wish I could shut it off. But no, the thoughts just keep banging incessantly, dancing like a laser show across the black screen of my eyelids. And the more I try to sleep, the wider awake I become. I thought maybe if I wrote this down it would help, but I still don’t feel the slowing of my mind.
Stop! Enough already! Just let go for now….

Aw, shoot, the dog just got the yummy brownie I had while I was writing this. Figures. Can't sleep, and loss of chocolate. Nothing left to say.


Anne said...

Well, heck! I sure hope that the rest of your Mother's Day turned out better than your middle of the night loss of sleep and chocolate. Personally I think we should get the day after Mother's Day off work. I'm not ready to go back. :)

gerbmom said...

LOL Anne! I took a two hour nap...:)