Thursday, May 10, 2007


Ok all you Lost fanatics - what is your take on last night's episode? What is going on?
I did think that once again it showed just how evil, manipulative and smart Ben is. Saving himself by joining the enemy and wiping out Dharma. The question becomes - how did he manipulate his way to leadership within the hostile camp?
Does he keep that doll as a reminder of his friend, or as a reminder of all that is bad in his life?
Did anyone else catch the Alice in Wonderland references? The white rabbit (what was the point of that rabbit anyway?) and that when Ben's mother appeared she was in blue with long blond hair like Alice? [edit] ok, I rewatched and saw the point of the rabbit.....
And, weren't his eyes as a boy just as creepy as the grown up Ben's eyes?
Who the heck is Jacob anyway?
Why didn't/don't the hostiles age? WHO are they (what?) and how did they get to the island?
At least the dead man in the VW van was explained....
And, of course, we were handed another daddy issue. Is the entire show about daddy issues? Think about it.
What about the volcanic ash Locke found....
Is Juliette gonna ultimately be good, or bad?
Is Kate pregnant?
For every little answer we get, we just get more questions. Let's see. 2 more episodes this year. And 48 after that.
Get busy JJ.

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