Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This too shall pass......I hope!

OK, that post yesterday was just rambling. I swear it's the new meds. Or the fact that they haven't kicked in yet. In that case I have two more weeks of this randomness/off the wall behavior in me. Sorry. For example, the other day I couldn't begin to get right and left straight much less north and south. And I am not directionally challenged. Never have been. Yet I adamantly argued left vs. right, literally seeing the turn correctly while calling right left. So if I argue with any of you for no apparent reason, and you are obviously right, just pat me on the head and send me to my room.


Christine said...

ahh, the affect of meds on blogs....I was thinking if I had a laptop, you guys would be highly entertained with some frightfully chic digressions-within-digressions on all sorts of things, because while I was too doped on allergy meds to stand or sit up, I had moments of seemingly incredible lucidity, where I was sure I could write many a lovely blog entry!
You guys are just lucky I don't have that laptop, I'm tellin' you...

Hope your upcoming days contain no running and much peace~

gerbmom said...

Thanks Christine!