Monday, April 10, 2006

So what did I do this weekend?

Well actually, I did a lot of stuff. It used to be the weekends were the days I slept in and then did mountains of laundry. Well, I did do laundry, but I did other stuff too. Fun stuff.
Friday night Kelsey and I didn't have anything to do, so we went to the video store. I am so dorky when I go to the video store. I can't just get one video. No, too many call my name or jump off the shelf into my arms. Seriously. So we went home with five. Duh, like I had time to watch them all. We rented: Speak, Yesterday (it was up for Best Foreign film a year or so ago, and it is in Zulu with English subs. Has to do with Aids and a mother struggle in South Africa), Southern Belles (a Sundance film, but kinda fluffy and mindless), Paper Clips (a wonderful documentary about children in Tennessee and their Holocaust project - If you like Documentaries, rent this one. It's good.), and Honey for Oshun which we haven't watched yet. It's 2 hours with subs so I gotta save it for a time I can really concentrate. Tho if the movie is really good, and this one is supposed to be, I forget about them after while.
Saturday I attempted to finsh my taxes. Cough. I started a load of laundry - neccessary stuff of course. The rest of the mountain could wait. At noon I went to meet D at Olive Garden in Lombard. We had a great lunch and good conversation. We then went to a small playhouse in Glen Ellyn near COD to see Wonder of the World, a cute, silly, but pretty mindless comedy. But I love theater, so we had a great time. Then we (yep D came too!) jumped in the car and went to pick up Kelsey and Karen and headed to Via Christus for church. Emma time. :) Love Emma time. (of course that's the only reason I come...) Church was great and very thought provoking as usual. It seems when I am there something always gets me - and this week we talked about temptations/tests and how we deal with them. We didn't get home til 11:00 or so.
Therefore Sunday morning came fast and we had to get up because we were going into Chicago to go to church with friends. Yep. Church twice this weekend. :o One sorta big and one tiny. Both great. We attended Church of Wrigleyville and enjoyed it immensely. Loved the music, loved the pastor, love the city. And then we went to Samm's place for lunch. Oh and the best thing was that we go to see not only Samm, but Jack and Sarah and baby Jack! Two babies in one weekend. :) We took the scenic route home (don't ask) and then I attempted to file the taxes I finished, do laundry and watch a movie....Why did I rent 5 anyway? Finally that evening I gave up, cried uncle, threw my hands in the air and ran away. I met D at Chili's for dinner. Ooo-Eee, busy weekend. Not much time to breathe. But I was antsy. Not wanting to sit and read, or think or anything. Activity was good. (or not depending on how you look at it since I was using it to not deal with some stuff.)
So I was busy, busy all weekend. I need a weekend from my weekend. I just need to slow down a bit. Right now I feel like a run away train about ready to derail.....

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