Thursday, April 06, 2006

Deja vu

I was sitting thinking this morning about changes, doors closing and others opening. About things in general that have happened over the last year. I remembered a short little thing I wrote in my blog about a year ago and I went back to find it.
It's 9:04.
The sand is almost through the narrow neck of the hourglass,
small grains dropping to completion.
How can this be? As much as we knew this time was coming, who ever thought it would arrive?
So final.
So done.
Time has escaped our grasp. Eluded our comprehension, our sensibilities.
Finality is denied. Hope is briefly entertained.
Reality intrudes yet again.
A new chapter begins, wide open and expectant.
Time, defiant, marches on.
Raindrops begin to fall.
Tears of God.

I wrote that during a hard time in the life of a friend and those of us his life had touched. Who knew a year later I would pretty much be in the same situation? Only I wasn't forced out of a paying job, with all of the stress that entails.....just out of an inflexible, unforgiving church.
But the irony of the whole thing hit me this morning..
And the weirdest thing? When I went back this morning to find the post I found I had written it exactly one year ago today on the 6th of April..... How weird is that?


Kelly said...

Ooh, swoon, I LOVE eerie things like that!! I think, Karedy, even though it seems like things are the same, that you're growing deeper, the results of which can't always be seen... But you already know that, because you can feel it, right?

Mike Clawson said...

Thanks again for that poem. It was just as meaningful to me the first time.