Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day

Well, I worked hard all weekend so I could enjoy my Memorial Day. Actually, I had to get groceries, but other than that I intended to relax and basically do nothing....
I did nothing all right, in the emergency room for hours with my almost 16 year old daughter. Lots of pain, and tears later it was official - she broke her thumb. So our beautiful, bright, sunny holiday was spent in a cold, antiseptic ER... :(
I suppose I should be thankful it was just her thumb, and that it was her right hand (she is left handed) but she's not seeing the bright side yet, just the downside of 6 weeks recovery.....To say nothing of the fact of how this puts a crimp(temporarily at least) in her social life!
I'm off to call the hand doctor.....

EDIT - managed to get an appointment with the hand doctor tomorrow. Hopefully we'll know more after that....

EDIT 2 - saw the hand doctor today. Got a custom made splint, and an appointment to see him again in a week for xrays to make sure it is healing right. Recovery time - 4 weeks. She was worried about playing her marimba this summer, but by the time we are back from vacation she will only have a week of recovery left and the Dr. said she will be ready to go soon after that. Cool!

EDIT3 - X-rays today showed the thumb is healing nicely. Adjustments to the splint and another appointment in 2 weeks.

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