Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Well, I thought I was. I have had so much to think about lately, so many new concepts and ideas running around in my head. It was getting pretty overwhelming. So, following the advice of a good friend, I took a self imposed book break. No more reading - well for a short while anyway. Instead of being stuffed with ideas, I need to digest them. And it seemed to be working, well at least until today. No, I didn't read a book. Or have any big discussion with anyone. Or try anything new. But out of the blue a concept I am struggling with came back full force. Like I never turned off the wheels, but had just temporarily jammed them somehow and the wedge dislodged and whir - off I go again. And I can't still the restless cycling, or silence the squeak and rattle of the wheels.....
Guess it's time to put on my helmet, relinquish control, and go along for the ride.

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