Friday, February 29, 2008

Which way do I go???

And so I find myself in a dilemma. Do you know the meaning of dilemma?
“A situation in which somebody must choose one of two or more unsatisfactory alternatives.”

This is making me crazy - cuz it's difficult to live with either choice. One choice leaves me with a great deal of stress and anxiety, and the other a great deal of guilt.

It's times like these you just wanna say "God, please give me a road map...."
Of course he would probably give me a map like the one we got in New Hampshire that doesn't label half the roads so you are always confused, wandering and guessing. Navigating one way streets, driving in circles - or halfway down the road finding "You can't get there from here", or a dead end. Which makes me want to just pull off the road and throw my hands up in despair.

Not only does God choose to give us great learning experiences, He also appears to have a sense of humor. Only right now I'm not finding it very funny.....

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