Friday, July 27, 2007

Yep - he really is barefoot!!

So, I was really frustrated that Todd Agnew was at Wheaton College all week doing a youth conference, and he wasn't doing a "concert" per se for the rest of us. Cuz goodness knows, he NEVER comes on tour to Chicago.....
Dana and I were fortunate tho to hear him in Southern Illinois last year and it was a humbling and provocative concert.

Anyway, Kelsey found out he was going to be selling/signing his new CD (Which we already had..) at John's Bookstore tonight so she and I went over and got to hear a mini-concert of 5 or so songs and get our CD signed. (Front row baby. Check out the pix...... :) )

He sang, and talked - about denominations and divisions, about us all being brothers and sisters, about getting along even if we don't agree on all points of theology because we are still in the same family; he got in a couple digs honest observations about CCM and their attitudes and lyrics.... (um, talk about biting the hand that feeds you.....)About not being afraid of the questions, of being vulnerable, of being honest. About being glad we don't understand God, know all the answers... cuz then where would the mystery be? The greatness? The Awe? And you know what? It was very refreshing. And I agree.
He also talked about his sneak attack with his new album, more upbeat songs that they will play on the radio because they sound good, and yet, they have his true, unvarnished, messy thoughts and questions in them. The things he truly wants us to think about. No answers. Nothing wrapped up in a neat little CCM package.....just songs to make one think....

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