Friday, July 06, 2007

OK Mike, here ya go.....8 Random Things Meme

I was a volleyball player years ago. Still love the game…..

I was very involved in Student Government in high school. Secretary of the Student Council my sophomore year.

I was a band geek. And proud of it. Played the flute.

My first love tho was choir. High School and College. Survived the college auditions – and didn’t really realize what an accomplishment that was. To this day I still love being in a choir.

I was a business major in college. I absolutely hated my computer classes. So where did I end up? Computer lab of an elementary school. LOL. And I love computers now….

The beach, any beach, but preferably Caribbean, is where I am the happiest. Well, a beach on the ocean – lakes don’t count! With a book, a sea breeze, warm sand and a cold drink.

I am a huge history buff. (With the exception of the civil war era. Hate it.) I tried watching the history channel one night when I couldn’t sleep hoping to bore myself, but that was a big mistake. Hours later I was still totally engaged.

My college room mate and I married brothers…..

Now I'm supposed to tag 8 people, but I don't wanna. If you feel like playing - feel free. I'd love to learn more about you. I just don't want to make you feel obligated.
I'm playing cuz turn about is fair play and I've tagged Mike many times......


Kelly said...

Oh! Oh! I LOVED choir, and I love listening to choirs. I was a complete choir geek in high school and the one year of college I took before I got pregnant but we won't talk about that now because it's not the place or the time.

Plus, Karedy, I love the beach. Plus, Karedy, I wrote about CCR in today's post, which I notice you mentioned in your last post. Yeees!

gerbmom said...

Ha Ha Kels,
You know what they say about great minds.....