Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tis the season to.....Relax!

Christmas at our house was different this year. First, we didn't travel to Florida, or Ohio. Which was wonderful and relaxing. Not that we don't love our families, but it was good to just stay home. It's been pretty low key around here, and lazy. On Christmas Eve we went to Via Christus for church and it was great to get together with our church family and have a candle light service. Christmas day we didn't even get up until 10. Then Chris woke us up - he was ready to open gifts. LOL. I guess they never get too old. Usually we have the gifts under the tree in the living room, but with Cairo that is an impossibility. The entire bottom of our tree is bare thanks to that Aussie's predilection for eating ornaments. He not only chewed all he could reach from the floor, he climbed onto the chairs on either side and feasted there also. Instead of getting too mad I have decided that means I can finally, after 20 years, get new ornaments for my tree next year. :)
Anyway, since the gifts weren't under the tree anyway, we decided to open gifts in the family room which has more seating and is just more comfortable. A good time was had by all. Lots of games, DVD's, books and music. My family rocks. They got me a TiVo. So......all you friends are now put on notice. DO NOT rely on me to tape your favorite shows - I'll be TiVo-ing from now on. :)
After gifts we ate a late snacky lunch - you know, cheese, crackers, sausage, hummus, pitas, salmon spread, spinach dip - yum, yum! Chex mix, chips, olives, pickles. Mmmmmm. After that we watched White Christmas, tho I don't think my kids quite get the charm of old movies. Blankies, jammies, family and old movies.......what could be better? Chris did have to go to work for a while, but when he came home we had Key Lime Pie and played Carcassonne.
Um, Kelsey won. We just played the basic game, but Chris has several expansion sets, so when we get good, it will be awesome.
Today we watched Joan of Arcadia (Kelsey's), read, Carissa messed around on her new sewing machine, and tonight hopefully we will be able to watch Carissa's gift to each of us - a DVD of family clips from the last 23 years complete with music and captions.
Doesn't sound like much, but to us, it was just a perfect, relaxing time. Just what we all needed. Now we are looking forward to our Via Christus New Years Eve service and overnight party!


Jen said...

yea for relaxing Christmas and I can't wait for New Year's. cam

Mike Clawson said...

Funny, we did the exact same thing on Christmas day - movies, video games, snack food, and Carcassone! :)