Friday, December 15, 2006

A funny thing happened....

Yesterday was just a sucky day. I am so glad it's over! I felt miserable, as I 'm sure you could tell from my blog, tired and cranky all day. Unfortunately, my daughter's holiday band concert was a must show event. That made me even crabbier. Bah Humbug. I went home after school and crawled into bed - because it was the thing I wanted to do so badly, and also to see if sleep would fix my headache and crappy mood. No such luck. I reluctantly got up, picked up Carissa from school, made dinner and fought with the dumb dog. All he wanted was exercise, all I wanted was a pillow. So, feeling more and more miserable, I reluctantly got in the car and went off to the band concert. And as I sat there and listened to the music a funny thing happened. It began to seep into my soul, and I began to relax. My headache actually went away and I felt happy again. So weird. always seems to come back in some form to music.
Another funny thing, on my way to school, home from school, to pick up Carissa, and on the way home from the band concert, as I was driving, and mind you, there is time for only one song on those drives, I heard Chris Tomlin's Made to Worship. All four times today. Every time. No coincidence. Worship. Music. Hand in hand. The way I was made......
So, it all comes full circle. Back to my need for music. Tempered by the need to find the balance concerning how I regard music in my life. And, rather than setting it aside as I have so recently done, to still recognize that God uses music in my life in wonderful ways.
OK - that was a little better than the cynicism of yesterday's post.....LOL

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