Monday, January 09, 2006

Sick and Tired

Right now whatever I've got has certainly got the better of me! After three and a half weeks, and on yet another course of antibiotics I still am sick. And have no energy to write. I do manage usually to check everyones blogs and occassionally leave a comment, but that's about all I can muster right now.
And to top it off I have to go see an orthopaedic doc for my knee. Not what I need right now.
On the bright side, Dana and I went and saw The Producers Saturday night, and laughed ourselves silly. I haven't laughed so much in a long time. If you like musicals, you might wanna check out the movie version of this Mel Brooks musical.
And Dana also got me hooked on 24, so I have been busy watching the first two seasons of that - since I can't do much else right now.
Anyway, that's where I've been. If you think of it I would appreciate your prayers that I would get well soon. Thanks!


Darla said...

thanks for updating...i've been thinking about you... so sorry you're so sick. glad to hear you were able to have some fun though... i love musicals and i adore nathan lane... he would be the ultimate guy friend i think. :)ah... 24... i have too much on my hands with LOST! :) speaking of, aren't we glad there's a new one wed. night - FINALLY!!! rest up... you won't want to miss that! :)

Kelly said...

I'm so sorry you're in a downtime, Karen, but sometimes that's the only way we can get the rest we need! I remember reading that C.S. Lewis loved being just sick enough to have to stay home and in bed, but not so sick he couldn't spend the time reading. =o) I'm sure he would have been addicted to 24, too. Okay, maybe not, but he MAY have laughed himself silly at Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane. I haven't seen the movie yet, but want to. Get well soon, friend. xo

Christine said...

Wow, Karen, that bug is hanging on! I'm sorry to hear about that~ bad health can make everything harder.

You just take your Vitamin C and ingest your fluids, and take it as easy as you can, ok? (God grant.)

Really glad to hear you were able to get away from it all for a bit and get wrapped up in a delightful movie!

gerbmom said...

I'd have to be dead to miss LOST....
I can't wait! :)

the first week I was sick I did indeed enjoy a little down time to read. But it got old fast. I'm ready to be well again. GO see the movie. :)

Yep, as easy as I can with three kids, two dogs and a husband.... thanks for your prayers.

kingsjoy said...

Karen, lifting a prayer for you.


Kevin J. Bowman said...

Sorry to hear about your sickness. Sending prayers from a few subrubs away...

gerbmom said...

I appreciate it Kingsjoy!

Thanks Kevin!

gaston said...

Do you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?