Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Grace defined?

This weekend I was at a women's retreat with my church. I really was not looking forward to going at all. Sometimes those events can be pretty much a "let's get with it cheerleading session" for God. I'll admit - I didn't have a real good attitude going in. We had a speaker/singer from Atlanta, Dr. Kezia McNeal. I must say, she ended up getting through my cynicism to my soul in a lot of what she said. I found myself wanting to be a cheerleader for her - she was so dead on in what she spoke about. The topic was grace, and how to "DO" grace and how to "BE" grace. Wonderful, thought provoking sessions. At our one small group break out session I was fortunate to be assigned to the same group she was. After the session she and I spent about a half hour talking about what it means to be a Christ follower. How we so often miss the real purpose. We talked about love, grace, authenticity, getting beyond rules and legalism to principles and why we believe what we believe, and how in our spiritual life we have to be allowed to think, and ask the hard questions without being judged. We talked about music and how it works in and through us. It was just a much needed time of meaningful conversation with someone who was excited about the kingdom life. That conversation made the price of the retreat worth it - big time. I felt like I came away with another wonderful friend.
In the last full group session our assignment was to write down what grace was. That's a hard assignment. Grace is so many things. I began letting it roll around in my mind. It was still elusive. But I had to give it my best shot. So this is what I came up with:
Grace is God taking joy in us. It is his unconditional acceptance of us where we are. Grace flows and fills the cracks of the wounded soul. It is constant in that God gives it, and the end result is the same, yet it approaches us all and fills us in its own unique way - meeting individual needs. Grace is daddy - picking up the baby who falls as he is learning to walk and in pride and love with gentleness encourages him to try yet again. Grace is safety that embraces our insecurities. Grace is quite simply God.

So, that was the best I could do, what would you come up with?

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anne said...

Grace is God taking joy in us. I love this definition. It's mind-altering in its concept. God taking joy in us. A wow moment. Thanks!