Monday, October 03, 2005

5 idiosyncrasies

So Christine tagged me and now I guess I have to come clean. Hmmmm

1. I hate shoes and socks. This from a girl that lives in Northern Illinois. Winters can be quite troublesome to say the least!
2. I am the bath queen. Give me a tub of hot water and bubblebath, maybe some candles, and I am in heaven.....or maybe I just feel that way because it has become such a God time to me. Time alone to reflect and pray, maybe argue - but just be still with Him.
3. I love music, I need music, I am music. It's all about being the music. It brings joy from sadness, it brings perspective, it grabs my soul and doesn't let go. When music is taken away I feel like I can't breathe.
4. I have a mind stuffed with trivia. Seriously. I don't even know where all those tidbits of knowledge come from. I surprise even myself with the unique things I know. If only I wasn't so terrified and worried about impressions I'd probably do pretty well on a game show!
5. I am an e-mail junkie. For those of you who have seen Donnie Darko, I am the high tech version of the old lady crossing the dangerous highway to check her mail every 5 minutes even though she knows good and well there is nothing there. There's always hope - or the front end of a truck... :)

I tag Tammy and Anne

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Christine said...

That's beautiful, the thing you say about music....and the bathtub topic is relaxing to read, too...