Thursday, October 20, 2005

Christine tagged me again.....

OK , Christine asked me to list 20 random things about myself. It's hard to find anything remotely interesting..... but here it is anyway.

1. I played flute in the high school band.
2. I never had a computer class in my life, but I am the level one tech person in my elementary school, run the computer lab, and I use computers all the time.
3. I've never been in Vermont
4. I am 5'10" well I was, but I'm shrinking a bit as each year passes :)
5. Age is not a issue for me when I choose my friends. Wait, I don't choose them, it just kinda happens. God given, just right. I have good friends 20 years younger and 10 years older. Way cool!
6. I'd rather be the passenger, not the driver.
7. I have my best conversations with God in the bathtub!
8. I have trouble setting boundaries with friends and co-workers i.e saying NO.
9. I am a sun person. It has a healing effect on me. It makes me cheerful.
10. I have trouble finding even 10 things about me you might find interesting..much less 20!
11. I hate a dirty house, but I hate cleaning the house.
12. I have been a questioner all my life. Pat answers don't cut it.
13. I almost died when my first child was born. I still had two more kids.
14. I'm still struggling to find out who I really am, and what God wants me to be.
15. I am a control freak. I can't bear to ever be out of control of my life.
16. Because of that I do not drink.
17. Because of that I struggle to let God lead.
18. I'm a bit rebellious.
19. I hate shoes and socks
20. I would do anything for a friend...

Anne, Tammy - how about you? Mike? (if you're not too busy...)


Christine said...

Your first line made me think of that line in "Enchanted April"- 'I've always thought of myself as a flutey person.'

Christine said...

And I didn't drink for the same reason, basically- didn't want to lose control or lose time.

Your list was actually very good indeed- some of them were amusing, and some of them spoke important volumes. Number 13 was significant, and number 19 made me smile.

dzyav: dancing while your head is loopy and full of cotton

gerbmom said...

dzyav: dancing while your head is loopy and full of cotton hahahahahahaha! You make me smile! :)
And thanks for your kind words. It's hard to come up with 20 things. I find it interesting how it really makes you evaluate yourself and what is important to you. Good therapy. Thanks for asking!

anne said...

Interesting to find out things about you this way, Karen! You almost died having your first child. Wow. That's a significant marker on your journey. We have some similar traits as well. I just finished blogging so I 'll have to do this "assignment" soon!

gerbmom said...

I'm looking forward to it Anne! :)

Tammy said...

i just found this.

20 things about myself, huh.

i'll have to give it a try ...