Thursday, September 01, 2005


that's how I feel in the aftermath of Katrina. My heart hurts for the people of New Orleans. Just the thought of the devastation and the hopelessness in the faces of a city and it's people brings me to tears. Why were so many people left in that city? Why didn't someone come along side a poor or sick neighbor and see that they were safely out of the city? Why didn't the city, in the face of such an obvious threat find a way to make sure those in the poorest areas, those with no means of transportation, those who were sick or elderly had a way to evacuate to safety? And why was relief so long in coming, that when it did come the rescuers were being attacked? Imagine if you had had no food, or water for days, no clean, dry clothes, no shelter, and you were afraid for yourself, your family, your neighbors. The heat is oppressive, the smell is intolerable. And then they sent one small bus at a time to rescue people. How would you respond? I truly feel for the people of New Orleans. The forgotten people.
How can this possibly have happened in a city in the US? To a city, yes, that can't be controlled, but to a people - what were those who had the ability to be proactive thinking?
Now the question becomes what can I do? How can I help? And I haven't figured it out yet.
But I weep for a city, all the displaced souls; in disbelief and shock, I weep and pray.

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