Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Everyone should spend a day with a baby......

Did you ever notice how excited a baby gets when it hears its parent's voice? It wiggles and grins and the excitement literally shines from his or her eyes.
Or when the baby sees mom or dad's face? It does anything possible to get to them including attempting to jump out of someone else's arms.
And no matter how quiet the parent may be as he or she enters the room the baby always senses its presence.
So why is it we as God's children don't often experience this reaction? In fact, many times we hide, or at the very least run the other way. Or maybe we just sit and wait for Him to come to us, usually on our terms.
I want to have that childlike excitement, desire, the I'll do anything to get there" attitude. I want to be delighted by the sight of my Father, or even when I can't see Him, to be overjoyed at the sound of His voice. I want to jump out of the things that are holding me back and into His arms. I want to sense when He is near and be attuned enough to His quiet presence to hear even the still small voice.
I want to wiggle and grin with excitement at the prospect of spending time in His presence. I want to become that baby whose all consuming desire, and greatest joy is to be with my Father.

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Christine said...

Good thought.