Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to Work!

Well, here it is Wednesday already! Things are going relatively smoothly as the new school year begins. I probably shouldn't say it, but I actually haven't really felt stressed yet. (Knock wood....)
When I first started at the school I was younger than most of the teachers. Now I'm older than most of the teachers. I've only been there 10 years, but teacher turn around has been crazy.
Anyway, the younger teachers make my job waaaaaay easier. They are very comfortable with technology, and actually know how to follow directions when setting up Outlook 2003.
My lab isn't open yet, so I haven't had any contact with the kids per se - perhaps that is why I am not stressed? LOL. Not really. It usually the teachers that get to me the first couple weeks and then a combination of teachers and kids after that.
Ooooo - my lab got a new In Focus projector over the summer. Bye-bye stupid old TV. Now everybody in the room can actually see what is happening. 'Course, I'm gonna have to teach the teachers how to use it.....
Two more days and the first week will be history. I sure can't remember an easier start to the school year! Yay!

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