Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Well, now the high school in our town has been hit with a threat of violence. This is the official notification the parents received. It could just be a prank - most likely is, however IT IS NOT FUNNY!! And if it is a prank that student still ought to be prosecuted. And no matter what he/she needs counseling. Coming on the heels of the NIU shooting, where a lot of our We-Go students attend college, this is all just a bit too much. And, unfortunately, this threat has racial overtones - reminiscent of December threats at NIU - copy cat? Attention seeking? Some dumb, misguided kid trying to be cool?
Some days I really feel we have failed our kids.... I realize adults aren't responsible for all the bad things that kids do - but this child is crying for help; he is desperate to be heard.
It is effecting the grade school I work in as well - we are only a few blocks from the high school. So, although it is sunny, and warm, and although we are testing this week (ISATS) and the kids desperately need to be out running around at lunch and recess, we also are on modified lock-down. The kids MUST remain inside ALL day. Period.
I don't know what to say. I am angry, and yet, my heart is so sad......


Julie said...

that is so sad.

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