Sunday, March 30, 2008

Grace defined....

A few years ago as a part of a small group we were asked to answer the question "what is grace?" Without using the usual "unmerited favor" type answers. It was difficult. This was the best I could do. For some reason I am thinking about grace today.

Grace is God taking joy in us. It is his unconditional acceptance of us where we are. Grace flows and fills the cracks of the wounded soul. It is constant in that God gives it, and the end result is the same, yet it approaches us all and fills us in its own unique way - meeting individual needs. Grace is daddy - picking up the baby who falls as he is learning to walk and in pride and love with gentleness encourages him to try yet again. Grace is safety that embraces our insecurities.
Grace is quite simply God.

How would you define it?

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