Monday, November 05, 2007


Sorry, for the lack of blogging lately. I have a GOOD excuse. Really. Carissa came home for a visit on Thursday and she is here until tomorrow....It was fun to have her home, and to finally get caught up on life at Gordon. She got to spend time with her boyfriend, as well as several other friends over the weekend. We took Carissa and Andy out to dinner on Friday, and she got to surprise her Via Christus friends on Sunday. Plus she did get to stop by the high school and see rehearsal for the fall play since she won't be home next weekend to see it. We managed to sneak in a little shopping - for long sleeved shirts and boots - on Saturday. So it has been fun, but busy and tiring. And I haven't been reading, or thinking any deep thoughts..... so I have nothing to write about. She's leaving tomorrow, and the house will be quiet again and back to normal - whatever that is....

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Kelly said...

I'm glad you've had an opportunity to spend such good time with her, Karedy, but I know what you mean when you feel it'll be nice to get your house back to normal again.

Boots? sigh. I LOVE boots. xo