Friday, October 05, 2007

We gotta get out of this place........

Counting down the minutes to our road trip! WooHoo - just three hours and fifteen minutes left. Then Dana and I (or Thelma and Louise as a friend so kindly put it) are outta here! Off to visit roadside kitsch and hole-in-the-wall eateries with to-die-for food - mostly in Kentucky. Trust me, Dana's been planning this for weeks - we won't miss a good meal. Or the giant pink Martini holding elephant. We'll be on a search for Ale-8-One soda, Gethsemani farms, (an abbey of trappist monks that make bourbon fudge,) giant grocery boys (they're called Muffler Men- or Big Johns - who knew?) and the like. Best of all, we have reservations in a wigwam motel. (more info.)
I hear it's supposed to be in the 90's all weekend in Kentucky. Wonder if the wigwam has AC??
Guess we could always head to Hazard where the shorts are shorter, or Cave City for a cool retreat.
Did you know Johnny Depp was from Kentucky??
I'll let you know what we did when I get back on Monday.

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Jen said...

Thomas Merton belonged to Gethsemani! You lucky girl!!! I would love to visit that trapist monestary. Save some fudge for me;) Ale-8-One is good as well. Someone from Communality (the new monastic community in Lexington) bought me one. let me know how the trip was. I'm gussing you got home safely by now.