Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Clockwise or counter clockwise????

If you think she is spinning clockwise you are supposedly "Right-Brained", and if you see her spinning counter-clockwise you are supposedly "Left-Brained". Huh. click here

What does that mean? The left side of the brain controls things like logic, facts and language. The right side is more creative, controlling things like imagination, emotions, images and symbols.

OK - so try as hard as I might I can NOT get her to spin counter clockwise. I have tried off and on all day. Just how right-brained am I anyway???

Anyway - it's fun. Try it!!

EDIT - I finally can see it turning counter-clockwise... after a lot of hard work and closing my left eye......


Brandy said...

it is so not "fun". I have been trying for over a day now to see her turn counter clockwise and I just CANNOT seem to do it, ugh.

Jen said...

I cant get her to turn counter clockwise either. and I thought I was more balanced brained. frustrating