Thursday, June 28, 2007

How to see Three Texas Airports in Seven Hours.....

OK - Kelsey is flying around SOMEWHERE. She is on the way home from her road trip with Jen. I think right now she is on her way to Austin. Her 4:50 pm flight from Lubbock to Dallas was delayed because the Dallas airport was CLOSED due to weather. They actually boarded the plane and taxied to the runway before returning to the gate and having to get off the plane. And then they sat in the airport for hours. She finally got into Dallas at 9:30 pm - but that was 5 minutes after her connecting flight to Chicago took off.

So off she went to figure out plan B. However, because of the backlog there were no available flights out of Dallas until Friday. So the airline put her on a plane to Austin. (Nothing like seeing ALL of the TX airports, eh? - Wait, I should knock on wood, or she'll end up in Houston next....)

That was all I knew last night. Fortunately she called me and continued the story.....
When she got to Austin she was supposed to take a shuttle to a hotel, at least that was the plan. But she got in there around midnight with nothing but the clothes on her back (thank goodness for hotel toiletries..) and the shuttles don't run after 11:00. So she had to get a cab to her hotel. This morning she had to manage to get back to the airport in time for her flight home. That meant leaving the hotel by 5:30 am. Surprise! Too early for the shuttle. So once again she had to take a cab. This time the hotel picked up the tab. Kelsey said the people in Austin are really nice and really helpful. I've never been to Austin, I'd like to visit sometime. Anyway, she made it to the airport and after messing around and having to go through the security lines twice, she finally got to the gate and on the plane to Chicago.
In the middle of this mess, Kim flew out of Chicago to NY, leaving me to go to Midway and pick up Kelsey. And I DON'T DO AIRPORTS!! Drive there I mean. I avoid it at all costs. I hate the crowds and the signs are confusing. But it actually was quite simple and I survived. LOL.
Kelsey got in around 9:30, but we had to wait until the first flight in from Dallas to get her luggage. It was the first bag off the carousel. About time something went her way!!
Good grief. Someday we'll all laugh.
I think.

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Julie said...

my parents and brother are in austin - she soo could have stayed with them!