Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mental Health Day :D

So, yesterday we had a snow day. The second this year. Has to be a record. We NEVER get snow days. So I totally took advantage of it and slept till 11:30. Couldn't help it - I was tired. Ask my friends - I have been incredibly crabby lately, and short tempered.
Then, after the girls and I finally managed to drag ourselves outta bed we had cereal for breakfast and watched a three hour movie - Anne Frank - The Whole Story (2001).
A couple phone calls after that (one of my friends loves to talk..... ;) ) it was time to make dinner. Nothing better than a pan of hot lasagna on a cold winter's night!
So, that was my day. Did nothing. Just what the doctor ordered. And to those of you I have been crabby with, I apologize, and hopefully the rest yesterday, and the sunshine today have cured me!

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