Thursday, February 15, 2007

Break a leg!

My daughter's play opens tonight. :D I have never heard of the play, but this is the synopsis I found:

~ Walter Kerr

This wonderful spoof of The Method, and even Actor's Studio itself, concerns the students of a dramatic academy awaiting a famous artist who will guest star in one of their plays

They are all trying to "live" their art

The director is very conscious that he studied under Stanislavsky and reminds the students of this fact at every opportunity

Into this madhouse comes the famous actress

To the dismay of all, she is a normal, hard-working girl who teaches the students that there is no substitute for hard work and good sense

It is supposed to be quite funny and I am sure they will all do a wonderful job. If you're in this area and looking for something to do this weekend that's inexpensive, here's the info:

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