Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sick or not - nothing could stop me!

So, I've been down all week with a horrendous ear infection. But I will tell you it didn't stop me from attending DCI (Drum Corps International) finals in Madison last night. It was awesome. Carissa, her drum instructor Sandy, Dana and I went.

Interesting that all three people I went with had different favorites - Carissa loves Phantom Regiment, Sandy is an avid Blue Devils fan and Dana and her mom were Cavi's fans from way back. Took a lot of diplomacy on my part to make it through the evening!

I loved the Blue Devils show because it was Godfather. Fun, great sound, great formations - very cool.

I loved Phantom cuz it was artistic, and classic and well executed. And their drum line was excellent!

Cavi's are always technically awesome and great fun to watch. Precise and like a machine....

So here were the final scores:

Madison, WI
DCI World Championship Finals

The Cavaliers 97.200
Phantom Regiment 96.850
Blue Devils 96.550
Bluecoats 93.175
The Cadets 93.075
Santa Clara Vanguard 92.350
Blue Knights 90.125
Carolina Crown 89.975
Madison Scouts 87.700
Boston Crusaders 87.325
Glassmen 86.000
Spirit of JSU 84.825

It was just awesome to be there. I loved the show and the energy and the experience!

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