Friday, August 25, 2006

Did Murphy have a law to cover this?

So, last night I was exhausted. I planned to go home and veg big time. My Veronica Mars second season DVD's came Tuesday and I hadn't had time to start watching them yet. When I got home tho, I felt guilty - no food. I hadn't gone grocery shopping in 3 weeks and everyone was getting impatient with me. Why? My philosophy is, if there's no food in the house I won't eat.....
Anyway. I decided to be a good mom, and took Kelsey and we went to Cub Foods. I got home about 4:40, put all the stuff away and made dinner only to find out Chris and Carissa would not be home. Chris was going to a movie straight from work, and Carissa had been home and was already gone. So I fed Kim and Kelsey, drove Kelsey to Winfield, came home, got some popcorn and pop and went to put in the first DVD. Time to put my feet up, sit under the fan next to the puppies and relax. Yay me. Only the DVD's were gone. Yep, in her coming and going, Carissa had taken them with her to her friends to watch them. I was not pleased. I actually came very close to crying. Best laid plans and all.
When she got home at 10, I said - "did you know what I planned to do tonight?"
"Watch MY Veronica Mars DVD.."
To her credit she looked sheepish and felt bad. I couldn't yell at her after that. So, tho it shouldn't have to be said, we now have a new rule. If mom buys the DVD's, they don't leave the house til SHE is done watching them. All your friends can come here and watch, but the DVD's DO NOT leave the house.....
Plans for tonight?
Veronica and me baby.... :D

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Christine said...

Wow. You have my symphathies. I know how that can go.