Tuesday, February 21, 2006

and we think they're not watching?

I run the computer lab in our elementary school. I have the privilege of working with several Christian teachers. It is interesting, in that the younger kids (well, they are to me....) are very vocal about their beliefs. Maybe I am just a coward, not an in your face person, but I'd rather live what I believe. Make people want to know Jesus. Today I had a teacher make an interesting comment. She is in the computer lab from 10:30 10:45. At which time another teacher comes in. The last couple times this teacher was a few minutes late leaving and the next teacher to come in was rude to her. The last time she made a non-verbal jab at her by walking into the room, around the mounted TV to look very pointedly at the clock. The first teacher was offended. She would have rather the second teacher had just spoken to her. After two or three weeks of this quiet but obvious annoyance on the second teachers part, the first teacher made this comment after expressing her frustration to me. "And, she's a Christian."
I don't know. It just made me sad. And so very aware that we are always being observed. And people expect more of us - at least as far as attitude and kindness. Maybe that's not fair, but that's the way it is.

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anne said...

I expect more of us too in regard to attitude and kindness. What would draw people if they don't see something different about us like they did with early Christ followers?