Friday, July 01, 2005

still traveling...

After we left Niagara Falls we headed for Quebec City. We had been there years ago and not been able to visit the fort at that time, so we wanted to try again. Hmmm, when we arrive in Quebec it was 90 degrees, by the next day it was 50 degrees. And rainy. And windy.
We did get to the fort, and saw some neat churches, and managed to fit in a little shopping before we froze and returned to our cabin.
Our next stop, Maine - Bar Harbor,
P6160120Acadia, :)P6150100 and lobster
Oh, and of course, lighthouses! P6160132
Probably our favorite spot on the trip though was Rockport, Massachusettes. Out on Cape Ann, just beyond Gloucester. Artsy, cool, scenic - lotsa fun. We stayed in the same Inn (The Inn on Cove Hill) there in Rockport where we stayed on our honeymoon. After they got over the ick factor, the kids really liked it! We ate tons of seafood and chowder - YUM! Bearskin Neck in Rockport is one of the most photographed spots in the country. This is one reason why....P6180170
We did spend a day (still cold) in Boston doing the Freedom Trail with the girls,
(Old North Church)
then took a detour to Concord before heading down to Cape Cod. P6200107 One morning we spent at Plimoth Plantation enjoying the history of my ancestors and the accurate recreation of the town as well as the in-costume, in-character actors. P6200098
From the Cape, we were off once again, this time to NYC. We didn't have too much time, so we only got to do The Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, and my favorite, Ellis Island. P6220127 P6220114
Well, there you have the highlites of the trip. 2 weeks, 3600 miles, 2 countries, lots of seafood, history, and nature. But we are all glad to be back home!

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