Wednesday, July 13, 2005

And my response is......

So, it's been a really tough week around here. I wish I could say it has been a great learning experience, but I can't. At least not right now. It's basically just been painful. It amazes me how little bitty, seemingly innocent things have a way of blowing up into gigantic issues. And as I have observed this personally this week it has been interesting to observe the various responses people have to the problem. Being Christ-like goes out the window as everybody scrambles for secure footing on the rocky precipice of "I am Justified" mountain. Or maybe its twin, "I am Right" peak. And nobody reaches out a hand to pull the impulsive, inexperienced man, impatient to make it to the top, who has found himself in an impossible spot of having nowhere to go, to safety. No one sets aside thoughts of their own position to help rescue or secure a brother on the stable ground of understanding. Now is not the time for blame and criticism. It is time to gently encourage and, wrap arms of compassion around the one who is in trouble, to help him find his way out of the precariousness of his current position before irreversible damage is done.

It doesn't matter if the one on dangerous ground is the one who led us into this mess. It doesn't matter if the one in danger of going over the edge followed the leader up the mountain challenging his lead, all the while yelling at him that he is wrong. It doesn't matter who's right. What matters is that another can keep his head and come along side those in trouble, putting themselves in the middle of the danger also to help guide those in trouble to a safe path, a path that leads to a respite of compassion, understanding, and healing.

And perhaps next time, before we start the journey, a bit of experience would help. A guide to gently instruct those who are learning to lead. Before we head out into the unknown, we who embark on the journey must also be willing to listen, encourage and support each other. And if we get in trouble, we must not hesitate to ask for help before we find ourselves in harms way.

But for right now, we need to bind up the wounded, to love the hurting. Nurture each other back to good health so our corporate body can once again be healthy and whole. Affirm and support one another. Offer assistance to those who desire it, and pray for those who can't begin to figure out how they ended up in this mess. And above all, strive to humbly be like Jesus in what we say and do.

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