Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I remember one night my senior year in college when I was kept awake by a burning question. Just what was the name of those plastic toys that once held bubble bath? My mom had a collection of them on the shelf in our family room.....
After many hours of unsuccessfully digging through virtually every corner of my brain I dozed off. Only to sit upright in bed yelling the word "Soaky!" I think my roomie wanted to kill me right about then.

Today I was looking at something on the internet when lo and behold this Top Cat Soaky jumped out at me!

I remember Top Cat, Felix, Woody Woodpecker, Rocky and Bullwinkle - we had them all.
Apparently they are now quite collectible. Who knew? I wonder what ever happened to them? Probably mom finally threw them out - they were just silly plastic toys collecting dust.

Silly plastic toys that haunted me that night in college, and again today brought back fun memories.....

Here are a couple vintage TV adds featuring soakies, including the soaky song. Enjoy!

(Does anybody else out there even remember these????)

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