Friday, December 21, 2007

I recovered the tooth, but broke the pipe.....

Here I am....see me under the pile of laundry Carissa brought home? LOL.
Yes, she is home and recuperating. She came home a day early. Kim flew out to get her, as well as make sure she got the prescription pain reliever she needed before she flew home. She managed to finish the one exam she had to take, and came home a day early. Filled to the brim with Tylenol/codeine, Dramamine, Lorazapam and Sudafed, she managed to survive the flight, but still not sleep. Now, just how is that possible???

She was home by 8:30, tucked in on the couch with more meds, and hot rice packs (rice in a knotted sock, heated in the microwave) for her swollen neck and painful ears. She slept until 1:00 the next day. I had to get her up to take her to the doctor. He was quite surprised that she hadn't been put on Tylenol3, as well as steroids right away. These are the times it's hard to have your child so far away. And on top of the Mono, she also has a ear infection in both ears, and is also on an antibiotic.

Back home, and to bed. Oh - did I mention I am also sick? And came home from the doc with an antibiotic also? So sick me is taking care of sick her. LOL. She slept, and I rested, and Kesley babysat Emma here, which entertained us all. Especially Cairo.

Yesterday I didn't go to work. I felt too yucky, and wanted to stay with Carissa. Late afternoon, around the time my work day would have been done we went to get groceries for her annual Christmas Party. I can hear you now - WHY is she still having this party if she is sick????
One, it's tradition and her gift to her friends. Two- She needs to see her friends, she is lonely and bored. Three - her friends are gonna help. Four - I am here to supervise and make sure she rests as she works. And, Five- did you ever try to keep Carissa from doing anything? So I just try to minimize the damage.

So, now it's finally Friday and I have been baking, and making Party Mix, doing more laundry, that kinda thing. I knew what kind of a day it was gonna be when shortly after Carissa got up she hollered that her tooth had gone down the drain. OK - let me explain.

Carissa is in the middle of the tooth implant process. She started it last June. Since she is in college in MA it slowed things down a bit. Due to her small mouth she had to have a certain kind of implant that required temporary teeth until she finishes the process in Jan. So, in October one of the temporaries came off and she didn't know it, and bit it in two. She had to go to the dentist in MA to get a new one, and, since it was a temporary tooth, insurance didn't cover it. $400.00 later she was good to go. And I was poor. Again.

She soon learned that they came loose quite often, but she could re-adhere them with denture adhesive. Always thinking, that girl.... So today, one of the teeth came off, and fell in the sink. Murphy's law - the water was running. She slammed it off right away and hollered. So I grabbed a wrench, headed up to the bathroom and took the trap out - there was no way I was paying $400 for a temporary tooth for 2 weeks.....
We got the tooth, and I went to reattach the trap, but in doing so found out the bottom of that 25 year old pipe was as thin as tin foil. Yep, I punched a hole in it. If I were MacGyver, I'd know how to fix it with duct tape and gum. Ah well. My hubby will fix it tomorrow. The same thing happened to our kitchen sink a couple years ago and he fixed it. :) Now if he could just manage to fix the leaking toilet while he's at it..... No! Wait! We need a working toilet for the party...... LOL. Then, as my sister laughingly said "[Then] you'll have a new bathroom... Kinda."
Well - that' s one way to look at it.

Anyway, I am still here, but busy. Busy hiding from anything else that can go wrong. Like the dog vomiting all over my bedroom floor at 4 a.m. :)

Merry Christmas!!

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Julie said...

wow. I think your life just gets crazier every day.