Wednesday, September 19, 2007

God grant me serenity, courage and wisdom....

So, over all this school year is off to a much better start than most. Surprisingly. Less stress, more going with the flow. Hmmmm. What makes the difference? I'm not really sure. I'm trying to say "yes" unless I have a really good reason to say "no." I'm trying not to let people get under my skin. Trying to remember that they are people too, with joys and problems, and many, many questions. Yes, some are totally annoying. And it makes me want to put their requests on the back burner. But I am making an honest effort to treat each person, regardless of how I feel about them personally, the way I would want to be treated. I'm trying to be more available, yet maintain boundaries.

When I don't have a class in the computer lab I turn out the lights, and turn on some music and just relax and breathe. That in itself helps keep me calm and relaxed. Which makes helping people much easier.

I am trying to live in the moment this year. Be here and present. Not living in the past, wishing I could change it, or wishing I could re-live great times. Not wishing my life away in the future. Asking "what ifs" or worrying. Being patient with anticipation. Remembering today's problems are for today, I don't need to add tomorrow's or next month's. And that is helping too. That is not to say I don't make plans. But I am becoming more flexible and willing to work with conflicts as they arise.

I am also trying to be positive. Even if that means distancing myself from friends who are always negative. Obviously my being positive is not influencing them at all, and they tend to drag me down. Again, that doesn't mean I don't listen to them and love them, and help them if I can. I just don't have to be around them 24/7. Or even eat lunch with them.

Which has also helped. Pulling myself out of the complaint fest that lunch time has become I am choosing to take that time to regroup, read my email, listen to music - whatever enables me to start the afternoon on a positive note.

I'm trying not to be an enabler to chronic complainers while maintaining empathy and grace. Tall order. Not always easy. But a goal.

So, that's it. The start of my school year. And my goals of being kind, loving, grace-filled, positive and above all living in the moment. All of this demands a dependence on God, cuz I sure can't do this on my own. May I be a calm, warm, sane, safe, objective and loving presence in the lives of others around me this year.

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Jen said...

this is an awesome praxis for life. will you teach me your ways o great guru. actually I cant wait to come back and tell you what Ive been learning here about loving people