Thursday, September 06, 2007

Alice: "Well, after this I should think nothing of falling down stairs.”

OK - so last Saturday after I took my turn in the Via Christus booth at Hometown Days in Yorkville I managed to step off the edge of the blacktop path. Turning my ankle I was not able to catch myself, and gracelessly sprawled half on/half off the path. Tore my jeans, tore my skin and hit the edge of the blacktop path, that was about a inch higher than the grass, with my leg just below my knee.
It hurt like heck, but I iced it good after I drove 40 minutes home. It didn't look too bad considering. Until two days later. This is the result.

I'm still icing it, taking ibuprofen around the clock and keeping off my feet - and it still looks horrible and hurts. Especially when I had to do some tech work on my knees in the computer lab the other day. And by today bruises showed up on my ankle. Guess I'm not off my feet as much as I need to be.

Well, it was a wonderful excuse to sit on the couch and watch a full season of Heroes!! :)

Think it can get me out of cleaning this weekend???


A said...

That looks worse than my bout with the chiggers! Wine & ibuprofin anyone?

gerbmom said...

It's been a week, and if anything it looks worse..... :(