Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Where do I begin?

My head is full of things rattling and crashing around. Thoughts tumbling over and over irritating the edges of my sanity. It's difficult to try to bring order to the chaos. Or even attempt to be linear in my thought process. It's all tangents and rabbit trails. And nothing ever gets resolved, or even managed. Each small, seemingly inconsequential thought gathers speed and snowballs. The thing that sucks is, there is no time to just be alone and think; to deal with the thoughts, ideas, questions and theories. And so they all collide in one great jumbled mess until I can't find the beginning or end of any of them. Exhausted, I stagger under the weight. Giving in, I throw my hands up in frustration.
Where does one find silence and solitude when one has a family and a job? A quiet place where one can just hang out with God and rest and listen? A place where one can just BE?

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