Thursday, October 19, 2006

"I got the music in me..."

So, tonight I went to the high school orchestra/choir concert. Listening to the students sing it really hit me just how much I miss choir. I think I have been ignoring that fact, repressing it, but last night there it was, and I couldn't deny it. Unless you've been part of something like that you really can't understand all the facets, all the nuances of making this kind of music. I miss the music: the melody, the harmony. I miss listening to each other, the working together, the blending of voices. I miss being part of a larger being that creates together; taking all those individual voices and becoming one integrated voice with shading and depth and dimension. I miss all the feelings and emotions it elicits. The joy, the freedom, the places it takes you. I miss the rhythm getting inside you, becoming part of your heartbeat. I miss the beauty. I miss the pain. I miss it all. Just sitting there soaking it in, I realize just how much music is part of me. And I miss that form of expression. I miss making music.

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