Friday, October 13, 2006

Can you hear me now?

There is nothing more frustrating than your internet being down for a couple days. Well, maybe there is, but not to me. I feel like my lifeline is cut off. Is that addiction or what? Anyway, they came out yesterday to fix it, and then last night it went right back down. Which sucks - cuz I use email more than the phone to communicate with people. So, finally a smart trouble shooter pulled up our modem records and found out that indeed we are having an extraordinarily high amount of intermittent outages. Duh..... So, they are supposed to come out again today and "fix" it. With notes that it is intermittent - so spend some time with it, and that the "homeowner" is getting frustrated. LOL. Hope they fix it, cuz I won't have the availability to check on stuff from work over the weekend. So - if you really need me, and I don't respond to your email - call :)
Bright side? Imposed rest from blogs and email. Down side? Imposed rest from blogs and email. ;)

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Mike Clawson said...

Funny, we've been having the exact same problem with our internet lately. It was out for almost two days while Julie was gone.