Sunday, June 18, 2006

Carissa called me!

She is having a wonderful time. Tho it has been stressful. The first flight from here to Atlanta was hard. But she took her Lorazapam :) for the overseas flight and did fine. She also attributes the better flight to the fact that the plane was just so much larger and not so confining. Being claustrophobic is not a good thing on a plane! London and Paris were very busy. No time for down time which stressed her out, and her friend fainted in Paris. Other then that she still enjoyed both cities. The Queen was not in residence when they were in Windsor. Don't think they really cared.....
They got to see the changing for the guard tho. Hope she took pictures. Paris, the Louvre etc. were good, but apparently really jam packed. She said she feels like she's been in Europe for a month. Her phone card wasn't working, so that added to her stress. The one teacher with them is a nurse, so that has helped Carissa deal with junk. She told Carissa yesterday that she needs to take her Lorazapam every night...LOL.
She loved the night train to Berlin, which is where she called from. It seems way weird to be talking to my 16 year old in BERLIN. She said the Checkpoint Charlie Museum was awesome.
I remember vividly watching as the Berlin Wall came down. We were in Ohio for Christmas when those first blows were struck, and Carissa was a baby. Seems like it happened just yesterday, so its really weird to think that Carissa and her friends have never known the world any other way.
The rest of their trip is slower paced and lower key. More time to relax. Don't know if she'll call again, but I'm sure glad I was here when she did. I miss her, but I'm glad she is getting to experience this. Hopefully the rest of the trip will go as well as the first part.

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