Thursday, December 01, 2005

Stop the tantrums already!

Contentment. Now there's a concept. And a difficult one at that. Some days it seems like life is so full of what if's, I just shoulda/coulda's, or situations that beg for a "do-over." Experiences you wish you'd had, or some things you wish weren't part of your life. Everybody has 'em. I realized the other day that this situation that has really been frustrating me may not ever get better. And am I gonna be mad at God forever if that is so? I certainly don't see the big picture - I have tunnel vision of the worst sort when it comes to this problem. The other night I was sitting, thinking, and I realized I need to change the way I look at these things. Accept them. Become content despite where I find myself in life. I'm trying to learn contentment. Not wishing, and not demanding of God, and not being angry at circumstance or what ifs. Just being content with what I have, and who I am because of it. That doesn't mean not wanting to grow and change, but it means realizing that some things may not ever change, and I need to see the good in them and go forward from there....and not only that, I need to humbly pray that if God chooses not to change the situation or the other person, for whatever reason, that He will(and I will allow him to) change me.


Christine said...

I like the ending on this one- "if God chooses not to change the situation or the other person, for whatever reason, that He will (and I will allow him to) change me."

You know I'm learning to be content, and I agree, it can be a real challenge. If you read my latest entry (the one right after the kee-ute doggies-in-the-snow pic!), you know that I'm trying to develop the habit of a mindset that does everything for God, with the sole aim of taking delight in Him.

He's helping me catch on to that remarkably quick~ I still have my hardship to get through, but wow, what a difference it's making to form this habit! He's making it easier than I thought.

My life circumstances are still challenging on paper, but so far, doing things for Him has wrought a small miracle in my coping skills/attitude towards it all, and God help me, I hope it holds!

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Jenn said...

Karen, contentment is hard. When it comes to material possessions, I'm usually pretty good. I don't feel like I always need something new and that I won't ever be happy until I have the latest and greatest whatever.

But in my character, my life, my spirituality, and my relationships, I seem to never be content. Particularly with my character. "I should be better. I could be better - if only I tried harder." This is not a productive way to think and I'm struggling with it. The funny part is that sometimes I catch myself not being content with where I am on learning contentment!

gerbmom said...

Thanks for stopping by! Wow....Jenn was here, Jenn was here! :)
Yeah, contentment is elusive like that isn't it? It's good to know I'm not alone.....